You want to know SAP Analysis Office in a perfect detail?

You want to know how to build an Excel Dashboard with your Query in Analysis Office? 

You want to know how functions in SAP Analysis Office works?

Then you have to take a look into the course Analysis for Office.

Jörg Brandeis

Many small lessons, well structured and labelled. Suitable for learning from beginning to end. Or to look up. Well done,


Course Curriculum

Installation and Configuration

  • Installation and Checks
  • Authorizations
  • Shortcut Properties

Customize Analysis Office

  • Options
  • Technical Configuration
  • Customize User Interface
  • Company and Embedded Profile

Basic Functionality

  • The Analysis Office Addin
  • The Ribbon menu
  • Your first Crosstab
  • Open and Save a workbook
  • Different context menus
  • Sorting your data
  • Filter your data by member
  • Filter your data within hierarchies
  • Filter your data directly on the Crosstab
  • Filter your data via background filter
  • Filter your data by measure
  • Use BEx Conditions in Analysis Office
  • Ranking
  • Access mode for filtering
  • Prompting and Variables
  • Allowed and forbidden areas
  • Swap Axes
  • Charts
  • How to use Infofields
  • Totals
  • How to display Members
  • Number Format/Currency Conversion/Scaling Factor/Zeros and Negative Values
  • Creating New Cells
  • Format Cells
  • Crosstab Configuration
  • Styles
  • How to use Conditional Formatting

Advanced Functions

  • Hierarchies
  • SAP Excel Formulas
  • Use Standard Calculations
  • How to use Dynamic Calculations
  • Create Advanced Calculations
  • Create Restrictions
  • Work with Query Views
  • Use the Filter Panel
  • Creating PowerPoint Slides
  • Use Excel Formulas in your Crosstab
  • Report-Report-Interface
  • Prompt Variants
  • Contains Pattern
  • Convert to formula
  • Create a Web Application
  • Launch the Query Designer
  • Use Smart Copy and Paste
  • Group your Crosstab and Link Dimensions
  • Build Hierarchies on the fly
  • Work with the formula-optimized mode
  • Create a default workbook

Reporting with Analysis Office API and VBA

  • Overview
  • Information
  • Working


Analysis for Office - Open and Save Workbook

Analysis for Office - Contains Pattern

Analysis for Office - Swap Axes

Analysis for Office - Create Restrictions

Hi, I’m Tobias Meyer

I work in the SAP Business Warehouse environment since 2012. I worked for several companies in several different projects. Since 2014 I write the blog about the top Analysis for Office, SAP Business Warehouse, ABAP and SAP HANA

I published the first edition of SAP Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide in 2016 and since January 2020 you can get the 5th edition of it. I worked as a team lead and also developed an automatic reporting tool for Analysis for Office.